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Google glasses to add new features

Google recently released the latest update Google glasses , two new features for the price of $ 1,500 for this device : Support iPhone SMS display and schedule management application Calendar Glassware.ray ban
Support iPhone SMS display means that users can receive text messages from friends on the iPhone glasses , had this feature only applies to Android users. First , users need a simple setup: Open iPhone Bluetooth settings , open the Google glasses " Display a notification ." When a user receives a friend SMS, SMS content as a "notice" is displayed on the display in the Google glasses. But Google said that due to limitations iOS system , users can only see the message , but could not reply.ray ban sunglasses
In addition, Google Glasses management applications My Glass also adds a schedule management functions - Calendar Glassware. When a user opens the Calendar Glassware, this application can display the Google glasses on the left displays the user 's schedule . Click on the schedule in the " trip cards ", the user can change the name and manage schedules , time and place and even delete and retrieve . Just last week , Google announced a major update to a Google Glasses : Upgrade equipment to Andrews 4.4KitKat. Unfortunately , this update to remove a key feature : video calls.ray ban wayfarer

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