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Experts teach you how to choose shoes

Tods Sheos

1. wear flip-flops leg fatigue United States Biomechanics expert Dr kaidi·baoman said, wearing flip-flops, unable to walk forward, will lead to lower limb fatigue, toes, knee and hip pressure increases, muscle qunli quantitative changes behind the hips and legs weak.tods outlet
Expert advice: wear slippers soles should stretch muscles when to ease toe pressure. Foot stand apart, and hip width, knees stretch straight and one foot towards the back, toes. Keep after a few seconds, for the other side, repeat.

2. high heels-induced arthritis 2011 Denmark a study found that high heels can lead to osteoarthritis risk increased 6 times. United States Podiatrist Dr huohuade·dananboge said, not only would long-term wear high heels cause foot pain, may also make the knee bone pressure increase twice times, wear knee cartilage tissue increased, increased risk of arthritis.tods shoes
Expert recommendations: every day stretching muscles relieve foot pain caused by high heels. Foot stand apart, wide with hip, right foot put a ball wrapped in a towel, and the right heel. When you feel comfortable, left foot forward – one small step for 20-30 seconds.

3. wear flat shoes foot pain Chicago Podiatrist Dr Mei Geng·laixi, flat shoes seem to be healthier than high heels, actually like ballet shoes or canvas shoes, flat shoes can cause foot pain. Shoes for lack of the necessary gaskets and lead foot ligament and Achilles tendon stretch, affect the arch, causing foot Fasciitis. Expert advice: shoes should have a slope, 2-3 cm. Wear flat shoes need to be enhanced to support the Arch of the lower leg muscles, do toe exercises. Raise the big toe, and the remaining toes intact. Swing your toes, rub feet, helps stimulate nerve endings, relax feet. Per 20 lift the toes of the foot.

4. sports shoes cause foot eversion Hard sole sport shoes, to the detriment of natural bent, over time leads foot valgus, greater pressure on the knees and back, causing ankle injury, tendinitis, legs and hip pain. Expert advice: should strengthen the muscles around the ankle, practice standing on one leg. Single leg extended, stay healthy does not swing as much as possible. When you start to exercise, you can for 30 seconds, and then gradually extend the standing time.tods sale


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